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oneSOFT management software platform

Design features

oneSOFT is a software platform designed and developed by oneSITU. It manages information collected by our intelligent sensors and our other connected tools in real time.

oneSOFT is at the centre and manages the interconnectivity of all the elements which make up the system via the Cloud, while processing and archiving large volumes of data. All the latest technology is used : Big Data, Cloud and Real Time Processing, combined with a modular, extensible and open architecture.

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Cloud platform

oneSOFT uses a SaaS platform (Software as a Service) based on Cloud technology which reduces operating and software infrastructure costs, and also enables constant technological maintenance.

Intelligent Cloud sensors

Our sensors are reliable and strong.

Physical measures are transformed into information on the Cloud, which helps optimize sensor energy consumption, increase their autonomy and avoid any need for physical maintenance.

All updates and/or algorithm correction take place on the Cloud, with no modification to the sensor processor.

Horizontally scalable

oneSOFT has been designed to grow horizontally thanks to the use of clustering technologies as the number of devices connected increases, therefore guaranteeing its scalability.

Easy integration

In order to ensure open access to the information and devices and to avoid entering a logic of closed silos, oneSOFT has an API based on SOAP and REST web services, and Pub/Sub technologies, which enable integration with other systems for both data transfer and the configuration of the system parameters.

oneADMIN software application

oneADMIN is a software application which oneSITU uses to manage all the elements in the solution. The application is available in several versions : web, tablet or smartphone.

Design features

  • Project and site deployment configuration
  • Geolocalisation, activation and calibration of the various elements (sensors, hubs, displays)
  • Control and monitor elements and communication
  • Manage battery life (sensors, solar kits)
  • Visualise information collected by the sensors, hubs, display panels and solar kits

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Identification & assignement

All oneSITU’s connected objects have a QR identification code used to register each element before it is installed. During installation, a bluetooth badge is used to assign and activate each sensor at its designated space.

Remote management of connected objects

oneADMIN lets you send remote instructions if you need to change the configuration or calibration of a sensor for example. This functionality enables general or corrective updates to be made to the entire system without needing to be physically on site.

Real time information

Whenever a sensor or any other connected element transfers data, oneSOFT produces detailed information for the end user, and also records other technical parameters. This information and data obtained is accessible and archived as graphs in oneADMIN.

Remote diagnosis

Sending instructions to the communication elements lets you analyse the state of the equipment and gives you all the information needed to implement technical solutions from a distance if required.

Administrator profile

oneSITU can set up an administrator profile for the end user to enable them to manage their equipped sites. This profile lets you allocate different user rights and manage other users depending on their defined profiles.