How it works

Connected and intelligent sensors network parking solutions

Connected parking solutions
using intelligent sensors based on a simple, reliable and highly functional system.

How do parking and the intelligent sensors work ?

Detect & Count

Information about occupancy rates and/or numbers gleaned from our wireless intelligent sensors is transferred via radio wave (868 MHz) to the hub within its range.

Communication network

Measured data is then transmitted via the 3G mobile network (or the Ethernet network) to the Cloud software platform.

Software platform

Solution in SaaS mode which lets you manage information from the intelligent sensors in real time by means of various modules.

Remote surveillance

This function allows you to turn on, activate, configure, correct or update all system components remotely.

Detection technology

Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology is integrated into our intelligent sensors and by means of peering enables :

  • vehicle authentification
  • information transfer to a smartphone

System architecture

Point to multi-point networking between the intelligent sensors and the radio hub(s) :

  • The intelligent sensors are linked to a hub within their range (unlimited number)
  • The sensors are not connected to each other
  • Each sensor is covered by two hubs = guaranteed to function
  • Functioning is guaranteed functioning in case of a defective hub thanks to overlap = data continues to be transmitted if one or several sensors or hubs break down
  • Specifications and assignment of sensors using NFC protocol, with a geolocalisation function

Wireless & M2M technology

  • Radio frequency 868 MHz
  • Radio waves broadcast up to 150m
  • Insensitive to rain and foliage
  • 3G hubs connected to the Cloud via VPN (Ethernet connection for indoor use)
  • Remote control of all installation settings
  • Download OS updates for sensors and hubs (Over The Air)
  • Transmission network availability rate > 99%