Boost your parking potential

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” David Swanson
David Swanson

A client’s impression begins where they finish their journey … In your car park. Car parks are often an obstacle to customer satisfaction, being viewed as a source of stress and a waste of time during their shopping experience.

oneSITU offers aparking solution which counts and guides clients to available parking spaces, optimizing your car parks and turning them into reception areas as a result.
Thanks to this parking solution oneSITU will help you attract new clients, increase customer loyalty and increase their shopping time.

An embedded wireless system which is both autonomous and modular, guiding drivers to the last spaces available in outdoor, indoor or elevated car parks

Improved reception

  • Give your clients a new experience and increase their loyalty
  • Improve the shopping experience and stand out from your competitors
  • Minimize stress related to finding a parking space and bring more convenience to your clients

parking capacity

  • Maximize your occupancy rate up to 15% when the car park is at saturation level
  • Speed up turnover of parking spaces
  • Optimize your capacity for a cost which is significantly lower than building an extension or a new car park

Facilitate flow

  • Guide drivers to the last spaces available
  • Reduce time spent looking for a place to park by 50 to 70%
  • Fluidify the flow of incoming and outgoing vehicles around your business or your car park

What clients say

  • “It used to be horrible to come shopping here on a Saturday! This really does make a difference!” a guided driver.
  • “I must admit that I no longer have to think about parking my car. No more stress!”a guided driver.
  • “An indispensible reception service that should be in place everywhere !” a guided driver.
  • “The results are immediate, it’s impressive, traffic flows !” an equipped client.