Provider of intelligent and connected solutions

To transform parking into a fluid experience at the service of the 21st century

By oneSITU, mobile solutions to revolutionize urban parking in cities of the future.

Our vision of guided parking is not just a simplification, but as a total service experience for the city :

  • One basic agreement : find the ideal place to park as quickly as possible, for all drivers (including reduced mobility, deliveries…).
  • Full service : booking service, payment via an application, vehicle geolocalisation, commercial incentives (discounts on certain brands) or information (cultural sites) depending on the user’s interests.
  • This is not “big brother” or a minimal service but rather a precious : aide to mobility which engages and motivates users… and soon to be as indispensable as “autolib” (city-available-electric cars) and GPS systems have become… but even more useful in terms of the service provided !

We have optimized the system so that each person involved benefits : not only the users themselves, but cities as well as their urban mobility partners :

  • A win for the user : secure, fluid and rapid parking with extra services. An experience worthy of the 21st century.
  • A win for cities : optimized car parks, less pollution (less driving) and facilitated payment methods for bookings : the user pays for a service, not a place to park, and is not “taxed” but rather aided in their mobility.
  • A win for urban mobility partners : increased occupancy rates of underground car parks, possibility to reach new outdoor markets as a service provider, using the logic of maximum surface/underground fluidity and the additional option of selling commercial incentives via the application.