Find out more about Onesitu's connected and smart wireless sensors

Onesitu designs and develops in France a wide range of wireless Smart Parking sensors
to efficiently detect cars, trucks and buses.

Our connected smart sensors detect the presence of vehicles in parking spaces and count the number of incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Use cases:

  • Bay counting (cars, trucks, buses)
  • Entry and exit counting, flow counting
  • Parking space guidance, zone guidance
  • Vehicle control and identification
  • Push notifications
  • Space booking




Use case: Smart Parking

The Onesitu oS100 sensor range allows the presence or flow of a vehicle to be detected in real time in a simple, discreet and reliable manner.

These are wireless and autonomous magnetic sensors, powered by battery and suitable for any parking surface, outdoors as well as in structures thanks to the different versions available, glued or recessed.


Use case: Indoor Smart Parking

The “oS200” sensor is the latest addition from Onesitu.

Its technological innovation revolutionizes counting and guidance solutions for the indoor market.

It was specifically designed to optimize parking management in existing covered car parks.

It is a wireless, self-contained, battery-powered infrared laser sensor with an RGB LED indicator that flashes the occupancy status of a parking space.

It is available in a 1-seater or 2-seater guide version



Onesitu's dual-detection “oS300” sensor is the most efficient and most innovative on the market, which has been specifically designed to meet the high challenges of on-street parking and Smart City issues.

It is a magnetic sensor equipped with a radar, wireless and autonomous, powered by battery and embedded on the sidewalk or on the roadway. Its location on the sidewalk makes it possible to visually signal by its LED the occupancy status of the parking space and any exceeding of the authorized time.