• Boost
    the capacity of your car parks
  • Boost
    driving experience
  • Boost
    parking revenue


Intelligent and connected solutions for your car parks

A parking revolution in your city

  • Real time guidance to available on-street spaces
  • Virtual solutions for tickets and payment
  • Remote reservation service
  • Increased rate of spontaneous payment
  • Dynamic management of designated parking areas (Reduced mobility, Bus, Deliveries, Taxi stands, …)
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Revitalize the customer experience of your business

  • Attract new clients!
  • Increase current customer loyalty!
  • Improve quality of customer experience!
  • Increase shopping time!
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Optimize your parking capacity

  • Increased capacity
  • Non-congested car parks
  • Optimal occupancy rates
  • Free-flowing traffic and non-congested car parks
  • Relaxed drivers!
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Our intelligent and
connected sensors

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